The Parade College Writing Workshop – Dylan Trovato: Manchester United v PSG, 2019

Parade College Grade 9 student Dylan Trovato had to wake up early to watch his beloved Manchester United play PSG in a 2019 Champions League match. As he viewed the final moments with his school friends, his dedication was worthwhile.

The Parade College Writing Workshop: A Champions League dream

Yanni Pargas has a great morning watching the Champions League final between Liverpool and Spurs.

Almanac Champions’ League: Liverpool and their long and winding road

In the lead up to tomorrow morning’s Champions League Final, Chris Michaels takes us through Liverpool’s involvement – and success – in this competition.

One Enchanted Evening at the Bernabeu, Home of Real Madrid

Passionate Tottenham fan Steve Fahey, on vacation in Europe, had to go to great lengths to get a ticket for the Spurs Champions League clash in Madrid. It was well worth the effort.

Typical tension and torment for Tottenham as Champions’ League spots go down to the wire

Following Tottenham as they battle for a place in the Champions’ League gives him an insight into being a Tigers supporter with all their nine-placed finishes.

Why May is the other September

I’ll admit straight off the bat that I didn’t see Manchester City’s winning goal last Sunday night. Even as a neutral observer with a leaning towards blatantly wanting to see Sir Alex Ferguson suffer I couldn’t take the tension and changed the channel to ‘Cheers’ where Sam had again got himself in to hot water [Read more]

Soccer: The night I watched Man U beat Milan in a Swedish green room

I pick up the phone and do something I’ve never done before. Call a television studio and ask to speak to one of the most popular TV sports presenters in the country. I’m in Stockholm. The TV presenter is a former professional footballer who represented Sweden in the ’90s. And he’s my brother-in-law (if that’s [Read more]