Almanac Teams: Stars on 45; Best of 45 (1980- )

Perhaps the spirit of Geelong’s flag in 2022 will be channelled by Rodney Boyd’s best of Number 45? Led by the Cats’ 2011 skipper, this side will probably need nine lives to push the stonger teams.

Almanac Flashback – AFL Grand Final 2009: A surreal premiership

Ten years ago Geelong took out the 2009 AFL Premiership, and to all concerned it was quite surreal reported Don Walters! Check out another Footy Almanac Flashback and find out why.

Almanac Teams: The Red Cats (from Geelong)

Glen! was a Cats supporter for 30 years. He has selected a team of Geelong redheads from that era, but is keen for readers to uncover a few more, especially from before his time.

Almanac Teams: Rangas

Dan has come up a team of redheads, but can they play footy? Have your say!

In the firing line with the ruck rovers

The role of the ruck-rover is defined by the many wonderful exemplars Carolyn Spooner refers to from teams of the’60’s through to the current day.

Hertfordshire: Harry Potter and the Cheeky Half Pint

If you’ve ever wondered where the name St Albans came from – indeed if there even IS a Saint Albans, Mickey Randall is here to help. Now with extra Harry Potter, and recollections of youthful exuberance in Ol’ Blighty.

Down at Kardinia Park…A Tradition Lives on

The long drive, the old footy music over the West Gate Bridge, entering Geelong, the Ford free parking and finally: The Game begins. That’s what footy is all about…tradition. When my Grandfather first came to Australia, he was asked to pick an AFL footy team, so he picked Geelong because of the colours – blue [Read more]

I saw red

During a Cats home game towards the end of the 2001 season, I made a bold prediction that had the half dozen or so mates I was with laughing derisively. “Cameron Ling will captain the Cats one day.”

What Makes Them Tick?

    Cameron Ling seems like a top bloke. That counts. In my books, anyway. He used to surf Joanna Beach, and Castles, where I lived. I’d see him with his mates, up on the ridge, at the tavern, being Cameron. No tags on himself. I wonder what he thinks before a game? Does he [Read more]