Round 19 – Hawthorn v Sydney: Bloody Hawthorn!

Hawthorn continued to their winning ways against Sydney much to the dismay of Jan Courtin. North Melbourne’s win over Melbourne was the sole pleasing aspect of the weekend for Jan.

Previously on AFL: a quick summary of what’s happening just at the minute

2017 has been quite a close, controversial and fun season of AFL so far. Thankfully, Sean Curtain delivers dry humour to let us what is happening now in footy.

Round 17 – GWS v Sydney: Gobbling up the action

The defensive resolve of the Swans kept their rivals at bay. For Tom Bally, this game was a flashback to the Swans of old.

Round 17 – GWS v Sydney: I could gloat – but I refuse!

The stats don’t interest Jan, the speculation doesn’t interest her. All she wants is for the Swans to continue playing good hard-fought contested footy, as they have in recent weeks, then all the hype can take care of itself. Jan is a happy lady at the moment! Maybe into September? Who knows!

Let’s talk about Ben Brown

Over the weekend, Marnie realised she has become immune to feelings of resentment and anger towards North Melbourne when losing close games. As Marnie sees it, Ben Brown is the future of the club and she explains why.

Round 16 – Sydney v Gold Coast: Finding balance on the tightrope

Craig Dodson watched the game at home surrounded by two sons in Bulldogs jumpers. The Swans had another impressive win and look to be surging towards a finals spot.

Round 15 – Melbourne v Sydney: The flames from hell, and those Demons!

A road trip, some classical music, Catholic guilt, mutilated cars, dead birds, live music at the RSL, and a Bugg for the confessional box are all part of Jan’s trip from Sydney to the MCG for the footy!

Round 14 – Sydney v Essendon: Plugger revisited, but this was a miracle!

It was indeed a bloody miracle writes Jan Courtin as her Swans pull off a ridiculous win at the SCG.

Round 12 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Welcome surprise

Mathilde de Hauteclocque offers up a slice of footy wisdom as she explains why the unpredictable nature of the game is what makes it so enthralling.

Round 13 – Richmond v Sydney: I Believe

2017 has been the ultimate roller coaster for the Sydney Swans. Craig Dodson was exhausted and euphoric by the end of the game against Richmond.

Round 13 – Richmond v Sydney: After 30 minutes – Why do we bother? After 120 minutes: That’s why!

Jan Courtin made the trip to Tigerland to watch the Swannies go from exasperating to exhilarating. Was it worth the bother? You bet it was.

Round 13 – Richmond v Sydney: Love letter to the MCG

It is the people not the place that Gill loves about the MCG, even when the Tigers don’t get the job done.

Round 12 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: A Renaissance of the Swans

Les Currie was blown away by how impressive the Swans looked against his Dogs in Round 12. They may or may not make the finals but they can cause a lot of headaches for their rivals along the way.

Round 12 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Revenge against the Enemy

Sydney got some measure of revenge with a win over last year’s Grand Final nemesis. Thursday night footy might be a regular favourite for Tom Bally if Sydney keep playing like that.

Round 10 – Sydney v Hawthorn: Refuge, time, space, kinship, dialogue.

Mathilde de Hauteclocque with a thought-provoking meditation on unbinaries, and imaginings that are on the edge of imagining yet are somehow expressed in footy.

Round 10 – Sydney v Hawthorn: No More Excuses

Despite the disappointment of the close loss to Hawthorn, Daniel Saunders still believes his Swans can make the finals.

Round 7 – Sydney v Brisbane: A sight for sore eyes

  Time, it seems, has caught up with me. Years of peering at computer screens has finally stuffed my vision. After getting my eyes checked I spend most of Saturday morning trying on frames. It’s somewhat depressing this getting old thing.   But not as depressing as getting beaten by Carlton. And nowhere near as [Read more]

Round 7 – Sydney v Brisbane: Bouncing Back

Where has this form been? Daniel Saunders reckons the Swans are back – so, look out!

Round 5 – Sydney v GWS: Onwards to Round 6 please

Tom’s becoming increasingly frustrated with the Swans after expecting a better effort from them this week. Like all true supporters, he’s hoping things will improve for Round 6.

Round 4 – West Coast v Sydney: Outnumbered in the Wild Wild West.

Keiran Croker is on a three-week sabbatical in the West. He attends Subiaco for the first time, to see his beloved Swans. He feels a long way from home.