Almanac Music: Springsteen – in his own words

Neil Drysdale, when feeling down on the year that has been 2016, is given a lift by a Springsteen doco. [Sounds excellent – Ed]

Almanac Music – Bruce Springsteen: arriving late, baseball and what is it with sportswriters?

David Wilson as bowerbird – describes a late coming to Bruce Springsteen – and collects shining pieces by Richard Ford, Joe Posnanski and Drew Magary along the way.

Nail paint and crotchless knickers or ‘Leaps and Bounds’: a wander through footy, music and the contemporary world.

Brilliant from Ron Wells. This piece is composed to comment on the musos booked for the Grand Final – but it does so much more. Ron takes us through footy, music and life – with many sharp observations beautifully expressed. Molly even gets a mention and as he’d say: “Do yourself a favour.”

Almanac Book Review: Born To Run – Bruce Springsteen

Chris Michaels reviews the Springsteen autobiography, Born to Run.

Almanac Music (and lists): Top 20 Christmas songs of 2015 (or possibly ever)

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring except Paul Campbell’s top 20 and a bit Christmas songs. No carols allowed but you will find an Emilie-Claire, a Diana, a Sheryl and a few more.

Almanac Music: There’s Never Been More to Adore Than in ’84

Call me hopelessly out of touch but I have an altogether borderline theory the world hit peak music in 1984. Sure, wearing your sunglasses at night was advised to protect peepers from pastel polos and assorted fashion crimes.  And swallowing the ’84 vintage mush served by Phil Collins, Lionel Richie, George Michael and Stevie Wonder would make [Read more]

Bruce Blog

Peter Baulderstone has seen the past, present and future of rock and roll. And his name is still Bruce Springsteen. Let us know your experience of Bruce’s tour and the impact of his music.

AFL Round 2 – West Coast v Hawthorn: No retreat, baby, no surrender

Fresh from seeing Bruce Springsteen live, Hawks fan Peter Blenkinsop couldn’t help but view Sunday’s game through the prism of The Boss’s rich lyrical landscape.

Springsteen’s pen: Kaney’s attempt at a Crio type question

Rick Kane, inspired by his audience with Bruce Springsteen, asks for your favourite opening line of the great man’s songs, as well as reflections from his recent tour if you attended.

Bring on your wrecking ball

  by Rick Kane I received a text from my sister’s daughter’s husband or as I like to call him, Glenn. They live up in the dry dusty heat of Port Headland. This is what he said. “How’s life in the big V? Wish I was there right now. I bet Melbourne is getting that [Read more]