Almanac Footy History: South’s shining star – the story of Bruce Sloss

Bruce Sloss is a name not many VFL/AFL supporters would know, but a century ago he was a star of the game. In this brilliantly researched piece, Roger Spaull tells the glorious and tragic tale of footballer-soldier Lieutenant Sloss.

Almanac Footy History: Ossie not Charlie – in search of a player

Geelong Football Club committeeman, historian and memorabilia collector Bob Gartland relates his story of how he came to correctly identify a mis-named player from the famous exhibition match at The Oval in London during World War I.

A tribute to South Melbourne champion Bruce Sloss

Richard Davis pays tribute to Bruce Sloss, the South Melbourne champion who almost won the 1914 Grand Final off his own boot, but who was tragically one of 60,000 Australian soldiers killed during the first World War.