Almanac Poetry: Bruce Dawe’s ‘Figgy: A portrait’ (For Kaye Liset)

John Harms’s old school mate Kaye Liset became good friends with Bruce and Liz Dawe in a somewhat novel way. Bruce wrote a poem about her dog.

Maize Gods

Shane Reid remembers his Year 12 English teacher, Ms Dargie, who wasn’t into footy at all. Nevertheless, it was she who helped young Shane understand the links between footy, society and life via the poetry of Bruce Dawe.

Almanac Poetry: ‘The True Believers’ – Bruce Dawe

‘The True Believers’ is a footy poem from Bruce Dawe, one of Australia’s greatest and most loved poets.

Bruce Dawe RIP – the Larrikin Laureate

Australia’s Everyman poet Bruce Dawe died on April 1st. His words and sensibility live on in thousands of hearts that have laughed, cried and nodded on reading his words over 60 years. His footy poems “Life Cycle” and “High Mark” are embedded in the heart of the game.

Bruce Dawe: A Poet remembered

Vin Maskell is a huge fan of Bruce Dawe, and shares his previously published stories of the poet as a tribute to celebrate the life that has just passed.

Poetry: ‘Life Cycle’, by Bruce Dawe

Life Cycle by Bruce Dawe captures the significance of footy in Victoria and beyond. Life and footy are so entwined in all those places (and cultures) where footy is meaningful to the people. [This was published to celebrate the birth of Henry Joseph Santamaria – Ed]

Poetry: The High Mark

with the footy season now underway
and with poetry in the air today
we revisit Bruce Dawe’s meditation on the speccie.

Almanac Teams – The Last of the Bruces?

At the suggestion of Almanacker and Collingwood fellow-traveller, Damian Balassone, Phil Dimitriadis was given the challenge of coming up with a team of Bruces, and here it is.

A short story based on Bruce Dawe’s “Drifters”

Mickey Randall finds the perfect inspiration for a story in “Drifters,” Bruce Dawe’s timeless poem.