What really happens at the Brownlow

Beachcrave reports from the Brownlow Medal count powder room – a year before Channel 7 goes there.

The Brownlow Medal: Brownlow Thoughts?

Brownlow Thoughts?   Well done Jobe! You are a jet! A superstar! All those other fancy words. A Brownlow winner! A Brownlow! Hell, yeah. And, I thought, a damn worthy one! I loved watching you play this year, your hardness. Your want! Geez, you have want! And you seem like a top bloke! Anyone else [Read more]

Brownlow blog: win an Almanac or a bottle of Murrindindi wine

Brownlow night, and even the Brownlow is becoming scientific, with analysts claiming the award goes to a mid-fielder from a top team. Knowing Derek Humphery-Smith and Murray Bird, legendary umpires (who will be at the Almanac lunch on Friday) my conclusion is that there’s probably not a lot of science in it at all. Muz [Read more]