Almanac Golf: Then along came Smith …

Australian golfer Cameron Smith wins the 2022 British Open reminding Rick Newbery of many memories as he explains.

Almanac Golf: A Sporting ‘Mischievance’! Caddying in the 107th Open (1978) at St Andrews

What an achievement or ‘mischievance’! K N Dole recalls the time he was a caddy at the 107th British Open (1978) at St. Andrews.

Almanac Golf – Golf Capital: Three upsets for 25-year-old trio in rankings shock, Thorp’s Torrey triumph

A couple rookies and a Canberra junior highlight Hamish Neal’s world golf round-up for this week ahead of the 147th British Open to be played later this week at ‘Carnasty’ – remember Jean Van De Velde?

Almanac Golf: Golf Capital – Spieth sublime in Southport plus a PGA Tour win with an asterisk

A collection of golf news, thoughts and notes from the week which saw a Jordan Spieth become a three-time major winner following his triumph in the Open with victories on the LPGA and PGA Tour to In-Kyung Kim and Grayson Murray, respectively.

Almanac Golf: The Troon gloaming and other crimes

John Harms has been to Troon. [This is today’s newsletter]

Golf: A Novice at the Open

Smokie is not one to queue. He made an exception to board the train to Muirfield for the British Open – it was worth it.

The Jug and Urn Tour 2013

Join the Jug and Urn Tour for a guided tour of the Ashes and the British Open.

Open fall out – summing up

By Nick Innes Scott’s short game let him down in the last round. Think he might have had 1 up and down for the day. Sure the greens were a bit slower than day 3 but he left that many putts short it was ridiculous. Also all of the shorter putts he missed were pulled [Read more]