AFL Round 15: The View From Shepparton on Round 15 and Other Things

Was watching the rugby instead of Geelong-Hawthorn a good move? Not when you’re turning to Wikipedia to find out what’s going on. It was a varied weekend in sport for Peter Schumacher, but there’s still plenty to say about Round 15.

AFL Round 15 – The Wrap

Won’t someone think of Mr & Mrs Football and all the Little Footballs? And Chris Scott’s blood pressure? After round 15, The Wrap is on Maggot Watch.

AFL Round 15 – Pre-Wrap: Entering the home straight round

The Wrap is pondering significant questions, significant absences and smoke signals as he lights the way in a challenging round for punters.

AFL Round 14 – Review: Booing – why?

The Pharmacology College Cup, Magpies v Magpies and Sheedy goes basic: Paul Thomson suggests that the AFL face reality as he wraps up the week in football.

Muz returns to see the Lions less mighty

It is 25 years since my last journey to a Melbourne stadium to watch a Brisbane team in a home and away game. A late Saturday night text invite from a mate in Bris Vegas had me rearranging my Sunday to go to the footy. Brad is originally from Townsville, a Kangaroos sponsor, and he [Read more]

Pies good enough

Round 7 Collingwood v Brisbane Lions.   by Tim O’Leary   Enough – [ih-nuhf] adjective adequate for the want or need; sufficient for the purpose or to satisfy desire: enough water; noise enough to wake the dead. In the off-season I managed to get a Telstra phone/internet/tbox thingy bundle with what I thought was going [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Round 5

What a round we have just had, again a fantastic advertisement for our code. Unfortunately I, as is, and ever has been, barracked for the wrong side and was on the receiving end of the the Tomahawk’s 6 straight goals. Get that, Buddy et al!!! 6 STRAIGHT GOALS IN ATROCIOUS CONDITIONS. It was bad luck [Read more]