Almanac Life: What A Year!

Former Almanac work-experience kid Bridget Schwerdt’s 2020 didn’t turn out as expected. [Congratulations Bridget – well done. Ed]

The Ultimate College Experience

The coronavirus is causing mayhem for everyone including Bridget Schwerdt and her trip of a lifetime to study in America as she explains.

Spreadin’ The News

From Almanac work experience in 2015, Bridget ‘MCG Pie Girl’ Schwerdt is embarking on a new life adventure in 2020. [Good luck ‘Pie Girl’ and all the best! Eds.]

An age-old debate: is dance a sport?

Bridget Schwerdt finds the parallels between sport (footy) and dance (ballet) in her entertaining debut piece and is rather persuasive in responding to an old question. [Bridget is our Grade 10 work experience student this week – JTH]