Almanac Music: Nankervis, Frampton, Hudson.

Got nine minutes to spare? Take a look and have a listen to this Stereo Stories performance featuring Brian Nankervis and The Stereo Stories Band – with a little help from Frampton, and a brief nod to Peter Hudson.

It’s a story about travel, romance, music and, fleetingly, footy.

Book now for Willy Lit Fest: Stereo Stories, A Passion For Footy, and more.

Time for music-loving Almanackers to book at table at the next Stereo Stories show and see Smokie Dawson on his home ground, sharing the Stereo Stories stage with the band and several writers, including Andy Griffiths and Brian Nankervis.

Almanac Music (Stereo Stories): Sooner or later one of us must know

Brian Nankervis’s touching and thought-provoking story written at the time his family were making arrangements for his dear father’s funeral. What would Bob Dylan have said?

Confessions of a Smart Arse – My Brilliant (Game Show) Career: Episode 3 – (C)Rockwiz – Spare Us The Cutter

Twenty five years after his last TV appearance, Swish Schwerdt is back for more, this time for the whole world to see (or at least those with internet access). If you are called a freakazoid at the Espy but it doesn’t make it on screen, did it really happen?

Collingwood: a youthful obsession

by Brian Nankervis   It’s the twenty-eight minute mark of the final quarter in the 1970 Grand Final. Alex Jesaulenko gathers the ball and snaps an amazing goal. All around us, cocky Carlton fans erupt in a nauseating display of pathetic barracking. The dazed Collingwood army turns even whiter with shock, horror and disbelief. Something [Read more]