One left hook

Tomas Bugg landed a massive left hook on Callum Mills’ chin on the weekend, scoring a knockout blow. Unfortunately for Bugg, it took place on the footy field, not a boxing ring.

Round 23 – Brisbane v Western Bulldogs: No Tanks Mate

While all the focus was on North and Fremantle with their strategic resting of players, Andrew Weiss applauds the Lions for going after a win, even with the number one pick in the National Draft at stake.

AFL Round 8 – Essendon v Brisbane Lions: What a day

Lions fans can relive the magic of Saturday afternoon through Donal Wilson’s blow by blow account of Brisbane’s fighting win.

AFL Round 8 – Essendon v Brisbane: Not so fast, Bombers

The hubris of the Essendon fans before the game made victory even sweeter for Lions fan Peter Schumacher.