Almanac Footy: How to give away too much for a player – the right way

Recruiting a ‘big ticket’ player is an enterprise fraught with danger. Doug Long reflects on several instances at various clubs over the years – some worked, others were a disaster.

Almanac Footy: The Geelong Ruck Crisis

Deakin Uni student Chris Mangos considers the question that has frustrated Geelong supporters for years: who should play in the ruck?

Almanac Teams: Hit for Six (1980- )

Rodney Boyd moves from Number 5 to 6 this week; this side has a few players called on to play extra roles during a game.

Almanac Flashback – AFL Grand Final 2009: A surreal premiership

Ten years ago Geelong took out the 2009 AFL Premiership, and to all concerned it was quite surreal reported Don Walters! Check out another Footy Almanac Flashback and find out why.

When Travis saved the world

John Harms has always loved Travis Varcoe. This piece was published in 2011.

Paul Keating, Mr Brightside and Bobby Ewing: For the true believers – Richmond 2017

Whatever your views on Paul Keating, the man did have some damm good lines. So, like his comment just after his unlikely election win against John Hewson, the Tigers win was one for the true believers, writes Sean Curtain, and the sweetest victory of all.

Finals Week 1 – The (insert names here) Cups

This weekend’s finals lack incentive according to Swish, so he’s come up with some awards for the winners, based on players who have played for both sides. Any better suggestions?

Cats victorious

“Victory,” said my mad-Catter brother, Mick, substantial piece of Lygon Street Special (no pineapple) in hand, at about 1.30 Saturday morning, “is not as important as defeat.” Crumbs, I thought to myself. That’s so 2006. We won it in `07, and `09, and we’ve just had a ripper win over the arch-rivals, Hawthorn, and we’re [Read more]

Joel Selwood. Joel Selwood. Joel Selwood.

The novelist Anson Cameron says that were Shakespeare alive today he’d spend his waking moments thinking of words that rhyme with Selwood. Because Selwood is the topic of the modern day. He deserves poetry: sonnets which capture his quintessence; and epic poems which  tell the tales of when he roamed the MCG, when he led [Read more]