Australia v New Zealand: Second Test blog

The Boxing Day Test is upon us. Discussion of pitch, bouncers, and weather predominates. But what do the followers of the Almanac make of affairs?

The Ashes 2017/18 – Fourth Test, the MCG: Call For Writers

Calling all writers to help us cover the Boxing Day Ashes Test from the MCG! We’ll also be having some beers on the fourth day…

Australia v Pakistan – MCG Test, Day 1: When Smith invited Lyon

Citrus Bob returns to the MCG for Boxing day 2016: a humid day of interesting moves, an abiding sense of time marching on and time to reflect.

Australia v West Indies – MCG Test: Call for writers (and predictions)

MCG Test. We’d love to publish your story of a day’s play. Nominate a day and make your predictions here.

The Day of the Giants

Last night at the North Fitzroy Arms I met a bloke who was talking about Johnny ‘Mulga’ Shelton who played a few games for Fitzroy and has been a legendary figure around the bush for donkey’s years. I was reminded of Citrus Bob Utber’s mention of him a few years back.

Vics to the rescue

  Australia v India; 1st Test; Day 2; 27 December 2011 by Ben Jensen My brother joined me today on the train trip up from Geelong, the train only about half full with cricket fans, about same as day 1 but we wonder if the Aussies were in better form would it have been full, [Read more]


  Boxing day, aah! Official rest, Blissful relaxation, I’m going to watch the Test. Christmas recovery is underway Time to put my feet up and watch the Aussies play. No orders, demands or chores from the boss Why, I was even asked, if our captain won the toss! The kids are outside, occupied with new [Read more]