Almanac Olympics: Boomers – Mills, a hero cast in bronze

Respected journalist Ron Reed continues his magnificent informative reports of events from the Tokyo Olympics. This report focuses upon the efforts of the bronze winning Boomers particularly the integral role played by Patty Mills for the team.

Almanac Olympics: Boom Boom Boom, Pau Pau Pau and it’s Hasta La Vista Skippy – The Spaniards Sink the Sunshine Boys in the Last Ten Seconds – It’s the Greatest Choke Since Peter in the High Priest’s Courtyard

Archie has endured the Boomers Olympic Basketball campaign through early mornings and sunset sleeps and is not happy with the result.

The NBA, Pro athletics and women, an interesting mix

David G discovers Dante Exum’s twin sister Tierra creating her own name in pro running

The Boomers and the “insult” of tanking accusations: Spare me

The Boomers didn’t try to win, contrived to lose, could have won if they needed to or wanted to enough, and now have egg on their face and funding out of their pockets as a result. There’s no tanking by Sean Curtain in his analysis of tanking claims against the Boomers.