Round 5 – Sydney v West Coast: Things we do in the arbitrary, shifting name of home

Mathilde de Hauteclocque on home, the nature of home, the defence of home and the things we do in the arbitrary, shifting name of home.

Round 17 – Essendon v Port Adelaide: Much a-boo about nothing

Chris Michaels hails Paddy Ryder’s character and effort as he fronted up against his former club on Saturday night. And as the footy gods would have it, Revis’ boy gets the last laugh.

Who Booed Goodes: a discussion?

Saint66 discusses the discussion around the booing of Adam Goodes. [Saint66 presents a cross section of views held by others here, and gives a sense of the process of coming to some sort of position of understanding]

Silly, childish and pointless. Yes, but I’ll ‘boo’ if I want to.

In Praise of Booing: Sean Curtain mounts a spirited defence of the much-maligned art. Don’t tell him he can’t boo. It’s the crowd’s right to have a crack.

AFL Round 14 – Review: Booing – why?

The Pharmacology College Cup, Magpies v Magpies and Sheedy goes basic: Paul Thomson suggests that the AFL face reality as he wraps up the week in football.

The noble art of booing

“We wuz robbed.  Collingwood couldn’t buy a goal in the last quarter, so that bloody maggot gives Beams a charity 20 metres out.  And that home ground free kick bias is ruining the game.” Sorry, I’m just channeling my inner Bluebagger.  That sense of entitlement that makes them so obnoxious.  I actually couldn’t get that [Read more]

To Boo or Not to Boo?

My name is Arma and I boo. I have booed for many years now; only ever between the months of March and September. My booing is an insidious activity that I have been able to cleverly conceal from my family, friends and work colleagues. But now is the time for me to announce to the [Read more]