Through My Father’s Lens

Bloodstainedangel acknowledges the influence of his father in guiding him with acceptance and empathy for others and with the courage to challenge bigotry.

Round 5 – Sydney v West Coast: Things we do in the arbitrary, shifting name of home

Mathilde de Hauteclocque on home, the nature of home, the defence of home and the things we do in the arbitrary, shifting name of home.

“I have a dream…” – of the players parade at the AFL Grand Final

Stephen Alomes had a Grand Final week dream. Imagine if Goodesy was in the retiring players motorcade…

Finals Week 1 – Fremantle v Sydney: We’re Still Dancing

What do the Sydney Swans, Ren McCormack, Beaumont and Fremantle have in common? Joe Moore explains.

A Recent History of Booing

Sportspeople have been booed since Noah was an Auskicker, but in recent weeks the booing of Adam Goodes has placed spectator behaviour in the spotlight. David Fordyce looks back on some notable (and arguably unsavoury) examples of booing in the game in recent years and laments the lack of genuine leadership on the issue.

Round 18 – Geelong v Brisbane: We’re here now, but he is coming

One of the last AFL venues to boast a terrace, the City end at the Cattery is where wit, grape, grain and lip flows in equal measure. The Kardinia Park faithful are a tight-knight community and it’s why there’s a nervous air around the return of Adam Goodes for Hamish Townsend. What if a good mate or a family member decides to boo? Can good people stand idly by?

Flogs, Wogs and Blogs

Phil Dimitriadis is miffed by some of the language used by ‘Middle Australia’ in the recent race debates. When did ‘Flog’ become part of the vernacular and why?

Adam Goodes: A Game At Its Crossroads

As the Sydney Swans prepare to welcome Adam Goodes back to work, Callum O’Connor argues that despite initiatives like the Dreamtime round and the AFL’s best efforts to advance reconciliation and recognition, the game “might not be as reconciled with our past as we had hoped to believe.”

The Lynching of Adam Goodes

Wayne Ball on the booing of Adam Goodes and how its unfair on a man who has given so much for the game and the community. [Post Script – as it turns out the Minister has finally made a strong statement which was reported yesterday -Ed]

Round 17 – Fearless: Hawthorn v daylight at present… do we have a challenger?

Lest we forget what actually happened on the field in round 17, Fearless summarises the past weekend’s footy.

Goodes, AFLPA, Fans, Media – where to from here?

Geordie McMillan takes aim at some of his Hawks’ actions regarding the “Goodes Issue”.

A guide to busting the Adam Goodes excuses

Lachie Gaylard weighs in on the Adam Goodes debate with his deconstruction of the “I’m not racist, I boo Goodesy because…” arguments.

Mob Mentality

Josh Pinn states his case against the booing of the 2014 Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes.

Stop and Listen, AFL: The Goodes Debate

David Zita dwells on the Adam Goodes crowd reaction debate. Simply put, it’s a complex issue with, as is often the case in life, far too much grey for reductive black and white posturing – on both sides of the argument.

I Hate a Mob

Matt Zurbo with some thoughts on the booing of Adam Goodes .

Who was Adam Goodes talking to on Friday night?

Peter Baulderstone gives his take on Adam Goodes and the Friday night war dance.

Why Hawthorn supporters boo Adam Goodes

Stephen Alomes on why Hawthorn supporters boo Adam Goodes (first published at The Drum).

Booing Adam Goodes

Steve Hodder offers some thoughts on why Adam Goodes is booed, and he doesn’t think notions of race have anything to do with it.