Almanac Music: Top 10 songs that Bob has “butchered”

DAM is back and thinking controversially. If you accept the premise that Bob Dylan is a butcher – what are his 10 greatest crimes against music?

Almanac Music: The Bob Dylan Telephone Directory

What is a 14 year old to make of ‘fogs, amphetamines and pearls? Vin Maskell writes about Bob Dylan’s performance of Just Like A Woman at the 1971 Concert For Bangla Desh.

Round 16 – Sydney v Hawthorn: ‘Sooner of later one of us must know.’

With a little help from Bob Dylan, Tom Bally vents his frustration at Sydney’s effort against the Hawks on Saturday night. With the Eagles looming, questions are being asked of the Swans.

Almanac Music (Stereo Stories): Sooner or later one of us must know

Brian Nankervis’s touching and thought-provoking story written at the time his family were making arrangements for his dear father’s funeral. What would Bob Dylan have said?

AFL Round 22 – Port Adelaide v Carlton: Substandard Homesick Blues

The cleverest, funniest piece you will read on the Almanac or anywhere this footy season. Tony Robb channels Bob Dylan to sing the Blues about his Blues and take the piss out of Mick.

Hot, Hot, Heat

It’s hot. Damn hot. Rick Kane listens to the experts and devises three easy steps for you to beat the heat.

The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Nine

Greetings Tipsters Working long hours at strange times of the day does not make for an environment conducive to watching three hours of football four times a weekend. This could also make it difficult to write a football column, but being clueless has never stopped me from doing anything before.