Almanac Music: A musical journey (in praise of Fred Eaglesmith)

Warren Tapner has had plenty of years filled with enjoying great music. But his wonderful journey reached its peak when he came across the crooning of Fred Eaglesmith.

Almanac Music: Theme Time Radio with Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan has returned to the radio waves with his ‘Theme Time Radio Hour’ in a special episode related to the theme of whiskey. This program was first broadcast a few days ago. Check the details for listening in.

Almanac Life: A postcard to Life

E. regnans has written this postcard to Life. It’s a patchwork of moments and more moments, thoughts and feelings and observations and descriptions. It rolls and drifts all the way to a reassuring conclusion.

Almanac Life: The Mighty Hawks, late July 2020, a ranty ramble

Trucker Slim is doing it hard with his Hawks languishing at the bottom end of the ladder. So it’s to music for some solace, the words of Bob Dylan and others for strength and guidance.

Almanac Music – Bob Dylan:  ‘Rough and Rowdy Ways’

Long time Dylan fan Col Ritchie is absolutely rapt with Bob’s sensational new release, ‘Rough and Rowdy Ways’. It’s a ripper, and what better way to pass the time out walking than listening to Bob Dylan! ‘Don’t think twice, it’s alright!’

Almanac Desert Island – What’s next?

The Almanac Desert island can be a lonely place. Some company would be nice. So if it could magically happen, who’d you like for company on the island?

Desert Island Discs – Follow up: “shivers down your spine”

Neil Young’s guitar solo in “Like a Hurricane” is a favourite part of the song that sends shivers down Col’s back when he hears it. What sends shivers down your back?

Almanac Desert Island Discs – Which album will you take?

Marooned on a desert island? Which album would you hope to have with you to while away the time? Col had no problems making his choice! [We reprise Col’s post from a few ago wondering if your choice of Desert Island Disc has changed – ED]

Almanac Music – Like a Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan

Col remembers the time he first heard Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” played by a favourite teacher in Form 4 all those years ago.

Pub Review: Three Brothers Arms, Macclesfield

Mickey Randall loves the homey, English feel of the Three Brothers Arms Hotel, and he loves the music selections, played the way they should be, on a turntable. You’ve won Mickey over!

The Bob Dylan Solution – How Richmond’s Premiership Can Save Music

Hagman gets blown north by the wind, takes in some northern culture before heading back to Melbourne for the poet of his generation – but the Tigers are the thread that binds.

Round 15 – Adelaide v West Coast: The Fat Lady Sings

Peter Baulderstone is on holidays on the beach in Broome. His Eagles joined him sitting about doing nothing much in the last quarter on Saturday.

Round 3 – Gold Coast v Fremantle: Suns set in the west

It was the Fremantle Dockers running over the Suns of the West in Round 3 – Jarrod Landells shares his observations

Almanac Music: New Lost World

In these trying political times, Peter Crossing looks at the power of music in making a change in society.

Almanac Music: “Maintain the rage”. Thoughts on Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan has influenced a generation with his music and words, Charlie Wells was no different and pens his thoughts on the Nobel Laureate.

Almanac Music: Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize for Literature

While Nobel laureate Bob Dylan remains evasive, David Fordyce suggests some of Dylan’s best work is his latest material.

Nail paint and crotchless knickers or ‘Leaps and Bounds’: a wander through footy, music and the contemporary world.

Brilliant from Ron Wells. This piece is composed to comment on the musos booked for the Grand Final – but it does so much more. Ron takes us through footy, music and life – with many sharp observations beautifully expressed. Molly even gets a mention and as he’d say: “Do yourself a favour.”

Round 20 – Fremantle v West Coast: Desolation derby

Les Everett channels Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row” in describing the once mighty Fremantle’s derby clash with West Coast [Wonderful – Ed].

First-World Conundrums. If you had to choose?

Phil Dimitriadis is hoping the Almanac community can help solve some of his first-world sporting, political and entertainment conundrums.

Round 5 – Hawthorn v Adelaide: Ballad of a Small Man

The shorter men of the Hawks and Crows and another with a guitar is all the inspiration Gareth Meyer needs