Almanac Football History: A letter to Tom

The Emerald Hill Chronicle returns to profess a deep and undying love rekindled by a timeless red ‘V’ on white worn by a victorious Swans side.

Round 5 – Richmond v Sydney: Go the Mighty Bloods – I love you, win or lose!

Jan Courtin is a magnificent supporter – so much Swans love in her heart as is evident in this report of their match against Richmond.

Almanac Art: Nick Howson’s Footy Cards

Nick Howson has produced a set of 12 cards of the early VFL clubs in their original colours with a small booklet on the history of the clubs’ names.

Round 19 – Essendon v Sydney: No Magic Wand

Joe Moore weaves a tale of footy, friendship and other wizardly things, even though his Swans have a tough night in Melbourne.

Round 23 – Sydney v Carlton: No bridge too far

The Sydney Swans and Buddy sent a message to the top 8 with a demolition of Carlton in the final round of the season.

Round 7 – Sydney v Essendon: New Kid On The Block

You can forget the bubblegum pop of the late-80’s boy-band New Kids On The Block. Joe Moore says that his Swans have a new kid who looks to be here to stay.

AFL Round 15 – Sydney v GWS: Headaches, Hot Toddies and Heroes past and present

The 1935 Bloods are reflected in the 2014 Swans. Through a haze of ‘medicinal’ whisky Joe Moore reflects on moustaches, Bob Pratt, Buddy Franklin and dynasties.

Swans should pass on Kurt

The pursuit and possible landing of Kurt Tippett at the Swans flies in the face of the famous ‘Bloods Culture’ and Craig Dodson hope he lands in the glorious surrounds of Blacktown and GWS.