Almanac Fashion: A Bit Shirty

As that little known David Bowie/Graham Parker duet goes, “Fashion Is No Ordinary Word”. In Swish’s case, very ordinary. What’s in your t-shirt collection? And why is it still there at all?

The World Cup Alphabet – F is for…

FINALS!!: No game quite stops (and then let’s down) a world audience quite like the World Cup Final. Letter F from Dennis as he continues with his World Cup review.

No one knows nothing anymore (getting along)

A suburban GP clinic, Literacy week and E.regnans combine to produce a deft delicate touch of appropriate order.

SANFL Round 6 – Central District v Norwood: nothing to Bragg about

Dave Brown mulls over songs taken out of context (and does quite a bit of it himself) on the road to Elizabeth with a Billy Bragg obsessed four year old

New Zealand v Australia – Christchurch Test, Day 1: BB McCullum Day in pictures from afar

Good grief. BB McCullum’s turns on the ultimate farewell. At stumps on Day 1, DJ Wilson attempts to report via phone screenshot pictures and photos from afar.

Finals Week 3 – West Coast v North Melbourne: Brickbat

With age comes widsom and a gratitude for the important things in life… like a North Melbourne win, or the realisation that it’s not the end of the world if they don’t.

SPD Smith: shake it off

E.regnans spots similarities between the bearing of SPD Smith and that of Taylor Swift.