A review of the 2013 Best and Fairest results (so far): an insight into game plans, what the coaches look for and backmen winning awards (?!)

It’s AFL Best and Fairest season, with all but the WA results now in. Sean Curtain gives his take on each of the clubs – what do you reckon? And who do you think will take out the remaining two?

Copeland Night 2010

By Andrea McNamara Hello everyone I thought I’d take my lead from Presti and save my talking until the end … Way back when the Copeland tickets went on sale, well before we were in a grand final, I got talked into attending the Copeland. And I’m so glad I said yes. I’ve never been [Read more]

Syd Barker Medal 2010

Everyone is talking about the draw, the tie, whatever you want to call it. Sure, there’s some uproar about it, but in the end, you just couldn’t split them. Two great competitors having great seasons and it all climaxing in a draw. How fitting.