Almanac Tennis – Has Kooyong had the gong?

During The Kooyong Classic, Rick checks out Melbourne’s legendary former tennis home and all its memories. but is disappointed by what he sees, acknowledging the glory days of the past have well and truly faded.

Ten Things I Learnt From Observing Sport Last Week

Citrus Bob Utber had a big week – he became a great grandfather! But it didn’t stop him from keeping a keen eye on the world of sport.

Round 16 – Sydney v Gold Coast: Finding balance on the tightrope

Craig Dodson watched the game at home surrounded by two sons in Bulldogs jumpers. The Swans had another impressive win and look to be surging towards a finals spot.

Nadal v Federer – why we love an epic contest

Having given the game of tennis away after the indiscretions of Kyrgios and Tomic, Craig Dodson finds joy in an epic on Rod Laver between Federer and Nadal.

Our obsession with the best (sometimes) means poor behaviour is tolerated

dam asks; Should ultimate sports success excuse poor behaviour, If you were to shun a sports person for conduct and attitude in 2017, who would it be? A few other gems worth considering.

Almanac Tennis: Can we compare the tennis greats of today to the legends of yesterday? Two different views by Philip Mendes and Lucas Lewit-Mendes

Should you compare players across eras? Philip says no, Lucas says yes. Who is right?

Australian Open: Oh Bernie

MIddle Australia speaks on behalf of Middle Australia regarding the disappointing end to Bernie’s Open.

Australian Open : Frank Dancevic v Bernard Tomic

Our Australian Open Tennis correspondent braved his heated imagination to bring you this pictorial report on yesterday’s epic Centre Court battle between Frank Dancevic and Bernard Tomic (or Snoopy as he is affectionately known around the Almanac locker room).

The potential rise of Bernard Tomic at the Australian Open – Grantland

Peter Baulderstone has been visiting the Grantland website and recommends this analysis of the current state of men’s tennis, and the allure of Tomic to distant eyes.

Likes attract

The thing I like about sport is the non-sporting vagaries it throws up. There has been an example this week in the pairing of Bernard Tomic and James Magnussen from disparate codes.

Understanding the decline of Australian tennis

John Harms explains the root cause of the decline of Australian tennis.

Middle Australia Report: Tomic the Tank Engine II

Enough is enough. Bernard Tomic should no longer be allowed to play for Australia in Davis Cup or even be supported by Tennis Australia after his appalling display in last weekend’s Davis Cup tie against Germany. We commented on what a dud he was at the US Open when he didn’t try in his match [Read more]