Almanac Beer Review: The Rancid, Amoral Horror of Great Northern

Mickey Randall presents his latest beer review, and he’s not too impressed by the beer as his review indicates.

Almanac Beer: Review – Nort

Mickey Randall gets the taste buds working and reviews a beer ‘abandoned’ by a so-called mate.

Almanac Beer (and Wine) Review: Incident at Mystery Pub/ Greenock Creek Shiraz

You lose some, then you win some. Mickey Randall encounters very mixed results on the libation front.

Beer Review: Coopers Australian IPA

Mickey Randall emerges from the mists of freshly wedded bliss to pen a review of the latest amber nectar out of South Australia; Coopers Australian IPA.

Almanac Beer – Review: Coopers XPA

The V8 punch Mickey Randall was expecting from the new Coopers XPA beer was not to be, unfortunately for him, it was a lightweight punch, and left him at the starting line.