Round 12 – Sydney v GWS: 19th Sydney Derby

Keiran Croker likes what he is seeing as the Swan rebuild their list and play younger players. And of course, Keiran was excited by the Swans great win over GWS in the ‘Sydney Derby’ in their Round12 match.

Round 21 – GWS v Sydney: Bridging conversations

Mathilde de Hauteclocque is chatting here and there, while trying to get herself plonked down in front of the footy.

Round 3 – Sydney v Greater West Sydney: Bring your own food

The SCG: not the place to be if you’re hungry and fancy a bite during the game, but a brilliant place to be to watch the Swans claim bragging rights over the new kids on the block from Sydney’s west.

AFL Round 16 – Sydney v GWS Giants: Fish in a barrel

Back in 2007 those guys in Mythbusters proved that it really was easy shooting fish in a barrel. The Swans proved it too with this hundred and twenty nine point thrashing.

AFL Round 1 – GWS v Sydney: Give Bolton the free

Tom Bally gets himself off the couch for the Battle of the Bridge, but his Swans don’t.

The Rest of Round 1 Preview

A cornucopia of tipping advice from Sal Ciardulli who has tipped the Giants (to stay competitive for 10 minutes).