The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 10 – Sydney v Essendon: Lamenting umpires, curse the Dons

After this controversial 2007 match, Essendon coach Kevin Sheedy commented on the growing knowledge and passion of the Sydney crowd. Rod Gillett gives his take on the tight finish, highlighting the horrible umpiring decisions that proved costly for his Swans.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 3 – Sydney v Brisbane: A day of milestones

Round 3 2007, Sydney v Brisbane was a big day for milestones and a fighting victory for the Swans reported Tony Roberts in The Footy Almanac 2007.

Almanac Teams: Rangas

Dan has come up a team of redheads, but can they play footy? Have your say!

Round 21 – Preview: I see Red, I see Red, I see Red

Sal adds his thoughts about the issue of punching opponents and the rules associated with the act in our game, and he also previews the upcoming round of football.

Round 15 – Melbourne v St Kilda: Saints defeat the Devils

Yoshi was on the edge of his seat following the Saints win over the Dees on the weekend while on his way to footy training. [We also wish Yoshi all the best in the IMPACT Invitational Cup in Kobe, Japan this weekend – Eds]

Almanac Teams: A team of Quirky Names

Joe De Petro comes up with a quirky team where each player lives up to his name, literally!

Bobs v Barrys

The latest quirky contest from Phil Dimitriadis sees a team of Bobs take on a team of Barrys.

Barry Hall: Dog Act or Top Bloke?

Barry Hall – beat up or beat ’em up?

One left hook

Tomas Bugg landed a massive left hook on Callum Mills’ chin on the weekend, scoring a knockout blow. Unfortunately for Bugg, it took place on the footy field, not a boxing ring.

How the Bulldogs went from a club of individuals to a team of Champions.

Dr Cruel puts his spin on how the Bulldogs became a Premiership club.

Almanac Books: Extract – My lifelong love affair with the Swans by Jan Courtin

With Bulldog supporters hoping for an end to their 62 year Premiership drought, Jan Courtin, in this extract from her book, recounts when the 72 year wait for the Bloods was finally over in 2005.

Round 20 – Western Bulldogs v North Melbourne: The Game That Divides Two Friends MK II: Enter The Bont

Alex gets his revenge as his Dogs defeat friend Ellen’s Roos.

A guide to busting the Adam Goodes excuses

Lachie Gaylard weighs in on the Adam Goodes debate with his deconstruction of the “I’m not racist, I boo Goodesy because…” arguments.

This is for The Bloods: Ten Years On

Stephen Quartermaine’s cry of “Leo Barry, you star!” remains one of the most enduring memories of the 2005 AFL Grand Final between the Sydney Swans and the West Coast Eagles. A decade later, Joe Moore looks back on Brett Kirk and his Blood Brothers.

To Boo Must Become Taboo

Joe Moore argues that buying a ticket to a game doesn’t entitle fans to boo players. What sort of example does this set for the next generation of footy fans?

Doing Boxing

Andy Fuller discusses Loic Wacquant’s book, Body and Soul: notebooks of an apprentice boxer and considers the place of boxing in footy and the broader community.

Fev v Baz: fading stars still have spark

A country football meeting of two controversial characters – Brendan Fevola and Barry Hall – was always bound to capture the imagination. Not since Ned Kelly rode a stolen mare into town has Wangaratta been graced with characters as polarising. Click here to read Rob Harris’s terrific account of the Wangaratta Rovers vs Yarrawonga Pigeons [Read more]

The Footygods: Heracles

Heracles was strong, skilled and courageous. He shaved his head. But he had a temper and a woman sent him mad until he did some terrible, terrible things. The gods sent him away to see if he could save himself and he did. He killed the man eating birds and did all that had been [Read more]

AFL Round 11: Why Barry Hall is good for football

By Phineas Meere It’s bad to say at the beginning of any article that you can anticipate what the reader is thinking. Nonetheless I shall attempt to…you’re thinking here we go again, another article telling us why we like football by a journalist needing to fill column inches by telling us it’s tribal, it’s the [Read more]