Almanac (Footy) Books: ‘Born to Play – The Barry Davis Story’ (excerpts)

With the biography of former VFL great Barry Davis due for release in October here are some excerpts from Chapter 6 to whet your appetite.

Almanac Books: Born to Play – The Barry Davis Story by Ken Davis

‘Born to Play: The Barry Davis Story’ by Ken Davis, a biography of the Essendon and North Melbourne great will be published in October. Check out the special offer to purchase the book.

Almanac Lunch (with Matt Zurbo’s book launch): Ken Fraser, Lazar, Chicken and Me

Matt Zurbo’s new book, ‘Heart and Soul’, will be launched tomorrow at a lunch at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel. All welcome. Here’s a tasty morsel, written by Matt himself, of what’s in store. Do yourself a favour…

Moon Landing – A Football(in)g Space

Glen! takes us to the moon and back as he contemplates 50 years since the first Moon landing. For old times’ sake, he also reminds us of what was happening in the VFL that week. (Ah, memories… – Ed.!)

Odd Friday Lunch – July 5: Barry Davis

Barry Davis is the guest speaker at the next Odd Friday Lunch (July 5) at the North Fitzroy Arms.