Confessions of a Disloyal Almanacker

Peter Fuller returns to the Almanac’s pages by sharing a contemplation of this year’s ups and (mostly) downs, especially for Carlton fans. But amid the clouds there are also silver linings. (Welcome back, Peter – Eds.)

The Ashes – First Test, Days 2,3: Man on a Mission (and I’m not Steve Smith)

Mick Jeffrey gets about. Now he’s at the Gabba for the cricket, where he’s been on a shirt hunt. And he’s found some obscure ones (from an Australian perspective).

A Not So Good Terrible Weekend

Rod Oaten’s teams let him down last weekend. He’ll be back.

The Tykes and the Unicorns- Relegations

As a supporter of English soccer team Barnsley and VAFA team MHSOB, it’s been a tough last dozen years for Rod Oaten as they’ve both dropped back through the Divisions of their respective competitions. We won’t mention Rod also barracks for Essendon….

EPL: Barnsley by the skin of their teeth

It’s been a nerve wracking, nail biting month for Barnsley supporters as they battle to stay in the Championship division of UK football.

Barnsley’s back, baby!

Barnsley has turned its season around, much to the joy and relief of Rod Oaten.