Almanac Soccer: Barnsley FC 2022 – Relegation awaits

Coming close to promotion to the Premier League last season, 2022 has been a huge disappointment for Barnsley FC as relegation to League 1 awaits them.

Almanac Soccer: Battling Barnsley

After some promising signs over the past few seasons, the Barnsley FC can still frustrate their supporters. With a new gaffer things may be looking up.

Almanac Soccer: Barnsley in the Doldrums

Rod Oaten’s beloved Barnsley FC are facing the very real prospect of dropping out of the English Championship and into League 1

Almanac Soccer:  It’s bleak in Barnsley.

It’s a bleak time for Barnsley Football Club supporters at the moment as their performance woes continue reports Rod Oaten.

Almanac Soccer: That’s it for Barnsley!

Barnsley FC lost the play offs for promotion to the Premier League in 2022 reports Rod Oaten. Rod mentions he also committed the cardinal sin of leaving a footy match before it ended and missed seeing his team snatch a win!

The Sporting Weekend: A Mixed Package of Results

The Tykes lost, but the Bombers won. And so did the Burgers. Then there were the local footy results. Rod Oaten’s sporting weekend offered the proverbial mixed bag.

Almanac Soccer: Barnsley FC update (and some Bombers as well!)

Rod Oaten updates the latest results from the games played by Barnsley FC over Easter.

Almanac Soccer: Sheffield Bloody Wednesday! – Barnsley FC update

Rod Oaten updates the fortunes of the Barnsley FC as they endeavour for promotion to the EPL.

Almanac Soccer: Barnsley Football Club dare to dream

At the risk of breaking the spell, Rod Oaten feels obliged to update you on the rather stunning recent success of Barnsley FC in the Championship.

Almanac Soccer: Barnsley Football Club

A great joy of English soccer is keeping an eye on scores from afar. Rod Oaten has picked Barnsley as his team, and has had an intriguing few seasons following them from across the globe.

Almanac Soccer: The Tykes Survive

Rod Oaten would just like to put it on the record that Barnsley FC have pulled off a great relegation escape in the EFL Championship.

Almanac Soccer: The Tykes go up

As things look up for Barnsley FC, Rod Oaten is thinking of lads at the Fitzwilliam.

Almanac Local Footy: A good Weekend of Footy

Rod Oaten had a rare weekend where all his teams won, thankfully Essendon had a bye.

Almanac Soccer: The Tykes make it

There’s not much joy in following the Bombers this year for Rod Oaten. Luckily, Coburg and Barnsley are giving him something.

The Tykes and the Unicorns- Relegations

As a supporter of English soccer team Barnsley and VAFA team MHSOB, it’s been a tough last dozen years for Rod Oaten as they’ve both dropped back through the Divisions of their respective competitions. We won’t mention Rod also barracks for Essendon….

It’s all over for the Tykes

Rod Oaten is not having a good time of it: all five of his sides copped a walloping on the weekend, and Barnsley were relegated to League One.

Barnsley Football Club: The Tykes find some breathing space

Rod Oaten looks for divine intervention to help his Barnsley FC survive relegation from the Championship League again this season.

Tykes in strife in the Championship

Barnsley has a lot of work to do to ward off relegation from the Championship. Rod Oaten will be doing all he can from his desk in Fitzroy.

Barnsley’s big weekend

Rod Oaten is still hanging on to the Barnsley FC roller-coaster.

The Fortunes of Roderick’s Barnsley

Bristol City 5 Barnsley 3. Just when I had the Reds pencilled for another win and a bit of breathing space from the relegation zone, they lose.