Almanac Music: Extraordinary Musical Moments – Elvis Costello Singing Penny Lane to Paul McCartney

For this Friday’s column, KD has selected as an extraordinary musical moment the time Elvis Costello sang ‘Penny Lane’ to a select White House audience including Barack Obama and Paul McCartney.

Almanac Music: ‘The President Sang Amazing Grace’ – Kronos Quartet and Meklit

At this time of Presidential elections in the USA, a stirring memory; the Kronos Quartet and Meklit sing, ‘The President sang Amazing Grace’.

Almanac Music: R.I.P. Aretha

Neil Drysdale records his tribute to Aretha Franklin, the greatest singer of her generation.

AFL as a Diplomatic Tool?

On debut for the Almanac, the extremely well travelled Kevan Dacey, AKA Rusty Red Lion, suggests that Australian Rules football could be an excellent diplomatic tool. He makes some interesting points from his overseas experiences.

Weekend Funnies: Seinfeld and Obama on Football

Jerry Seinfeld asks President Obama about an analogy for politics. “Is it chess? Is it liars poker?” Obama chose football. Who knew? Should we make him an honorary Almanacker?

Round 13 – Fremantle v Collingwood: Into the mountains (goblins and grace)

E.regnan’s Tolkien-inspired report of the Fremantle v Collingwood stoush that got round 13 underway. “Collingwood… approach this month like the party of Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield, his dwarves and Gandalf approached the Misty Mountains from the east.”

AFL Round 3 – Richmond v Western Bulldogs: The Audacity of Hope

The title and phrase of Obama’s second autobiography has never spoken more vividly to Richmond fan Michael Allan than right now.