The Magic of the Cup: The Final (Sydney FC)

Dennis Gedling has followed the FFA for the duration, beginning with his beloved Backpackers FC and following the team that knocked his team out. And so it came down to Melbourne City v Sydney FC. Here is Dennis’s report, with some very interesting observation and comment.

Almanac Soccer: The Magic of the Cup – Round 7 (Stirling Lions)

Dennis Gedling has been following the FFA Cup from the WA side and continues the journey wherever it may go

The Magic of the Cup-Round 5 (Curtin University SC)

Starting out with his local team Backpackers FC, Dennis Gedling is following WA teams in the knockout FFA Cup. Knocking out the Backpackers was Curtin University FC, who progressed to a round 5 clash against Canning City. Dennis was there to give us this rundown of events at Edinburgh Oval.

The Magic of the Cup-Round 4 (Backpackers FC)

Backpackers FC faces the big-time opponents from Curtin Uni. Dennis Gedling tells us how they went.

The Magic of the Cup-Round 3 (Backpackers FC)

It’s Round 3 already – how did the Almanac’s own Backpackers FC fare? Dennis Gedling brings us the results (apparently).

The Magic of the Cup-Round 2 (Backpackers FC)

Dennis continues his journey with Backpackers FC

The Magic of the Cup-Round 1 (Backpackers FC)

Dennis Gedling starts his FFA Cup trainspotting expedition with a trip to Backpackers FC. Will they (and Dennis) go all the way?