Almanac Poetry: Sitting on my Back Verandah on a Late September Evening

Kevin Densley’s poem indicates that each season of the year announces itself ahead of time – we get a feeling of what is to come beforehand.

Almanac Music: Song of the Seasons (Song Lyric)

Partly inspired by Almanackers’ responses to his group of posts concerning Oz songs connected to particular seasons, KD puts forward a song lyric he wrote as an eighteen-year-old that encompasses all four of them.

Almanac Music: Australian Songs of Autumn

Now that it’s autumn, KD offers his piece concerning Australian songs of autumn, to complete a ‘Footy Almanac Four Seasons’, as he has previously posted pieces concerning Australian songs of summer, winter and spring on the Almanac website. Again, he invites Almanackers to contribute their own song choices.

Haiku Bob – Round 8 – nothing between

Autumn beauty wasn’t enough for Haiku Bob or Collingwood as Stevie J broke Pies fans hearts.

Footy: A solitary leaf opens gates of anticipation

By Damian O’Donnell By rights when the leaves fall off the trees they should “fall” up into the sky;  after all, that’s the way the trees are facing. Fortunately the mysteries of gravity make the leaves drop to the ground. This may not sound like a very significant issue to concern oneself with, but I’ve [Read more]