Will zones improve the Game?

Max Hatzoglou ponders the virtues of zones and starting positions and their implications on the style of the game.

The centre circle

The centre circle, where Paul stands among long shadows and watches the sky grow dark. Where his breathing slows, and his fingers freeze. Where his soul arrives without a sound and settles at his feet, and he knows he is home again. That’s what football does to you.

Emma Quayle: A Giant Success

Deakin student Marnie Cohen interviewed GWS recruiter and former Age journalist Emma Quayle about her journey in footy. [This is a truly fascinating interview – MNQ].

Coming to Terms With Losing a Star – The Curious Case of Dustin Martin

Richmond faces the very real possibility of losing their superstar Dustin Martin. Smoove is bracing for life without Dusty at the Tigers and thinking about the compensation they might receive for him.

Footy philosophy: Australian Rules v AFL, sport v business, Plato

David Wilson hears the angst around tanking/ fixturing/ drugs/ booing/ trade rules/ the place of the maverick footballer and offers up Plato. Maybe the Australian Rules football ideal is incompatible with the AFL and its clubs..?

Junior footy’s faux pa’s

Jeff Dowsing wonders where have all the fathers gone? The increasing role of women in footy is welcomed, but is it because men have vacated the role? (Raises important issues for our society, not just our sport – Ed.)

Rules? What rules?

When Almanackers write about their childhood football experiences, Peter Cresswell gets jealous. He gets jealous because he didn’t have any. Our Kiwi scribe has plenty of adulthood footballing experiences though.