Almanac Poetry: The Drop Kick

Philip Hodgins on the glorious drop kick.

Almanac Poetry: Elvis Presley’s Late Cheeseburger Period

A sad end to the King. Elvis Presley, cheeseburgers, guns, and death as told in verse by Kevin Densley.

Almanac Poetry: The Ballad of Alexander Pearce

Kevin Densley suggests you read his poem this week with “fava beans and a nice bottle of Chianti” for reasons which will become obvious.

Almanac Poetry: Ned Kelly’s Last Hours

More Australian poetry of our historic past by Kevin Densley; this time Ned Kelly awaits the gallows.

Poetry: The High Mark

with the footy season now underway
and with poetry in the air today
we revisit Bruce Dawe’s meditation on the speccie.

‘Erb (by C. J. Dennis)

Stephen Whiteside shares a classic C.J. Dennis poem. ‘Erb would have made a great Almanacker.

‘The Billy That Died With Its Boots On’ and Other Australian Verse

After nearly 25 years in the making, Stephen Whiteside’s book of children’s poetry is in the shops. What happens in “The Saucing of the Pies” ?