Big Macs of Footy

Peter Baulderstone joins the imaginary teams craze with his suggestions for the biggest Macs/Mc’s in footy. Suggestions and memories welcomed.

Footy exhibition is a winner

Bernard Whimpress pays a visit to a pair of footy exhibitions: In a League of its Own – Celebrating 140 Years of SANFL and Straight Through the Middle – Football in South Australia. He finds that both are really worth a look.

The grave of Tom Wills’ cousin, H C A Harrison at Boroondara General Cemetery

John Holmes has spent years researching and listing the location of our many Australian Sports Monuments and sportsmen’s grave sites. Many years ago after visiting Tommy Wills’ grave, he located that of his cousin HCAH.

Interesting question: are Sydney Swans and South Melbourne one and the same and do they have a shared history?

Jan Courtin, Ross Treverton and Glen! have been discussing this question in recent times (via comments after an earlier article). Join in on the debate.

Footy’s first free kick: How and why we got a game of our own

[FREE access to journal article now linked – Ed]. Historian and writer Roy Hay has a piece in the current issue of the International Journal of the History of Sport. Here he introduces the longer article: “The game (footy) is deeply ingrained in local consciousness and has been since the mid-nineteenth century. Have you ever wondered how it all began and why?”

‘Unification’ Rules: Attempts to Surmount the Great Divide between Australian Football and Rugby League

Pagan Maven with a well-referenced look back at former attempts to amalgamate football codes across Australia. Imagine what could have been… [What do you mean Queensland boycotted the 1933 talks? – Ed]