Australia v West Indies – SCG Test, Day 2: An off-white shade of beige

Kath Presdee finds a way, on a Day 2 almost lost to rain, to make her Test cricket writing debut. [Super effort, that – Ed].

Australia v West Indies – SCG Test, Day 1: The Curious Case of Fawad Ahmed

Whatever happened to Fawad Ahmed?

Australia v West Indies – MCG Test, Day 2: When conversation is the highlight

Citrus Bob Utber catches up with David Wilson (E. Regnans) at the MCG, as they observe the Australian dominance.

Almanac Cricket: The BBL and Test Cricket

The voice of youth as Paddy Grindlay reflects upon the lessons to be drawn from the summer of cricket thus far and argues for more day/night tests please, Cricket Australia

Australia v West Indies – First Test, Day 2: Long-sleeve pullovers only

Not many cricket lovers turned up on a freezing cold day a Blundstone Arena which had Citrus Bob Utber shivering and asking for a Manuka Test match.

Australia v West Indies – Hobart Test, Day 1: No words

E. Regnans’ take on Day 1 of the Australia v West Indies Test at Blundstone Arena in Hobart.