Almanac Books – ‘Barty: Much More Than Tennis’ – Ron Reed and Chris McLeod

Australia’s pre-eminent tennis player – perhaps our No 1 sports personality overall – is back in the spotlight, says Ron Reed, the author of a soon to be released updated book about her, ‘Barty: Much More Than Tennis’.

Almanac Tennis: Why Barty matters so much

Ron Reed, an award-winning sports editor, columnist and feature writer with the Herald and Weekly Times, and a past Australian Sportswriter of the Year, reminds Australians why Ash Barty matters so much us.

Thoughts on the decline of Aussie tennis (and why grinners are winners)

Paul Spinks ponders the reasoning behind Australia’s decline in world tennis since the mid 1970s. This is a longer version of Paul’s article published in The Age recently.