The Boxing Day Test – by text message

Matt Watson let his fingers do the talking, with a summary of all the texts sent between his mates during the Boxing Day Test.

Melbourne Test – Day 4: Are England St Kilda or North Melbourne?

Sean Curtain thinks that England are North Melbourne; Australia are Port; Boof is Ken Hinkley; KP is Clint Jones; and he is Caroline Wilson. Dwarves and Mrs Curtain should beware.

Melbourne Test – Day 3 : Is that what KP would do?

Mick Jeffrey asks the English batting lineup “what would Kevin Pietersen do?” Perhaps “what would Jesus do” is the right question?

Melbourne Test – Day 3: el león y el bigote (the Lyon and the Moustache)

Our equine correspondent Clarrie Grimmett accompanies E.Regnans (aka David Wilson) at a day of fluctuating temperatures and fortunes at the MCG.

Melbourne Test – Day 2: Down from the bush

Luke Reynolds has the quintessential down-from-the-bush cricket experience.