Club rugby: It has a real community feel to it.

Greg A reports on a superb day of rugby – and other sports – at Brighton (Adelaide).

Lest we forget the other pandemic

The First World War, the Spanish Flu pandemic, and their terrible effects on life at the time are reflected upon by Harold Peacock in this timely piece leading up to Anzac Day. Check out details of a live stream of an Anzac Day commemoration.

Round 5 – Collingwood v Essendon: ANZAC XXIV

Mark O’Connell has been to all 24 ANZAC Day matches between Collingwood and Essendon and this year’s was another special one where his Pies defeated the Dons in emphatic fashion.

ANZAC Day 1980

While modern ANZAC Day football may mean a clash between the Dons and the Pies, Glen recalls his first ANZAC Day at the footy in 1980 watching his Cats win in a thriller over the Hawks and expresses what the day means to his family.

Joe Slater – An Update

Anna Pavlou brings this poignant update to her earlier story about Geelong’s Joe Henry Slater – a Geelong champion killed in WWI

Almanac Footy History: A tribute to those Geelong players who were killed in wars

Anna Pavlou pays tribute to war heroes who also played football for the Geelong Football Club. Her focus on Joe Henry Slater’s life is powerful.

Bob Lawless – ANZAC Day Tribute

Martin Croker has put together a powerful tribute to his Great Uncle Robert Leslie Lawless, a Lance Corporal who was killed in France on 22 April 2017.

It was 22 Years Ago Today

Sam Steele remembers the brilliant 1995 ANZAC-eve match between Richmond and North Melbourne and hopes for another stunner tonight.

AFL Round 6 – Essendon v Collingwood: Lest We Forget ANZAC Day 2014

Sam keeps an eye on the Bombers from afar. [Oh to be free as a bird in Europe again – Ed]

Essendon fan gets the same old feeling

by Rod Oaten I guess it started some 15 years ago as a Da/Father/Son day but Da gave up about 5 years ago due to age, he is now over 92, and stays in his aged care facility in Northcote and listens on the radio. Family days at the footy have always been important to [Read more]

Pies Fans

by John Harms Whenever I sit in the vicinity of the Collingwood Cheer Squad, I am reminded of the Sermon on the Mount. I look at the array in black and white around me, and I see lives lived tough. “Blessed are the Collingwood fans,” I think to myself. Only I’m not sure what they [Read more]

Five Extraordinary Minutes

by Adrian Vitez While driving to the MCG this ANZAC Day, I was struck by a comment made by the ABC’s Gerard Whately on the radio. In the midst of debate about whether Essendon and Collingwood deserve ANZAC day to themselves, he made the salient observation that to have the honour of playing on such [Read more]

People, Places and Footy on ANZAC Day

by Andrew Starkie North Melbourne versus Richmond 7.20pm, Saturday, April 25, Etihad Stadium This is primarily a match report for the North versus Richmond game, however, I do want to share some observations from earlier on ANZAC Day. Earlier in the day… A small group gathered around the cenotaph for the dawn service at Reservoir [Read more]

Round 5 – The Middle Distance

by Haiku Bob       round 5 – the middle distance       Anzac Day defeat staring into the middle distance         cold snap the empty space where our ruckman used to be         swirling breeze Pendlebury splits the pack with a fake         [Read more]

Australian football and disputes over the Anzac legend

By Robert Pascoe (with Mark Pennings) A talk to the Almnackery at the All Nations Hotel, Richmond, 24 April 2009 On the last Saturday of the February just gone, the former treasurer, Hon Peter Costello, now a backbencher serving the people of Higgins, was addressing Camberwell RSL at their ninetieth anniversary lunch. In his speech [Read more]