When The Mighty Fall/ Fail

The Ruminator asks us to think beyond the easy road of character assassinations and instead explore constructive, respectful and meaningful conversations with those with whom we may disagree strongly. A challenging and perceptive call to pause, think and then engage. A short treatise on humanity.

Almanac Boxing (Photo): Now that’s gotta tickle

Peter Argent snapped this ringside shot of D. Green landing one on A. Mundine at the Adelaide Oval on Friday night.

Our obsession with the best (sometimes) means poor behaviour is tolerated

dam asks; Should ultimate sports success excuse poor behaviour, If you were to shun a sports person for conduct and attitude in 2017, who would it be? A few other gems worth considering.

The Comeback Kids

Anthony Mundine’s possible Rugby League comeback got Brin Paulsen thinking about some other candidates.

Fight animals

Matt Watson comes out swinging and lands more punches than Mundine in a month. He is sick of the charade of dodgey promoters and scam contests. See if you agree with “IronMike’s” reasons for why the sweet science is on the ropes.

Mundine v Geale II: Winner and Loser

Andrew Starkie with some thoughts on Wednesday night’s fight.

Mundine v Geale II: Redemption

The Daniel Geale who will step into the ring in Sydney on Wednesday night to defend his IBF Middleweight title is a far improved boxer to the young, raw athlete Anthony Mundine defeated in a split decision four years ago. When the orthodox styled Australians met in Brisbane, May 2009, Mundine used his greater speed, [Read more]

Anthony Mundine: The reality is…

Craig Dodson believes Anthony Mundine’s legacy deserves more but he only has himself to blame.

Boxing: A Man’s Limitations

Andrew Starkie thinks that Anthony Mundine has done himself no favours (again) with his recent comments.

crio’s Q?….tools

John Steffensen (who??) managed one A-Qualifier this week. To a country questioning increased taxes and hardships, his faux American rapcrap about “mistreatment” was world-class. He is a tosser. Defending champ, “The Man”, valiantly tried to fight back. But, unlike in the ring, he may have found a serious contender. Nevertheless, with $US at stake, Mundine [Read more]