Evading Father Time: Kade Simpson and Jimmy Anderson

Shane Thomas reflects on the sense of comfort in this trying time, borne of watching two sporting greats who continue to duck and weave around the grips of Father Time: Jimmy Anderson and Kade Simpson.

Stale Gum

Ed Carmine found many stories and memories within a pack of footy cards from the 2001 season. But he’s yet to risk the gum.

Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch: Anthony Koutoufides tomorrow June 15

An exceptional and decorated champion of footy, Anthony Koutoufides is lined up as the next Almanac/Odd Friday lunch guest, taking place on the 15th of June. Details inside.

Almanac Lunch – Odd Friday (April 13): With Barry Mitchell

Lunch on April 13 with Barry Mitchell, who can tell a yarn about his time in footy, and may also offer some insights into a footballer who is now gaining the recognition he deserves (young Tom).

Round 3 – Carlton v Essendon: Wading through troubled waters

John Butler looks at the troubles that have haunted both teams since 2000 and where they may be heading in the future. For now, Carlton have the bragging rights for 2017.

Five players that made AFL the game it is today

Alex Darling does an excellent profile on 5 players who excelled at, and influenced the modern game.

Round 19 – Fearless: Multicultural Round… just don’t mention the cricket

Fearless looks back on an intriguing multicultural round. The Doggies are playing a beautiful brand of football, but only 20,000 fans show up at the Docklands. Are the Cats back? Where is the Crows season at? And what do (or should) Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black have to do with the Q Clash?

The Finals: Perfect Prelims – A Walk Down Memory Lane

The 2014 Preliminary Finals are drawing ever-closer. And to get us all in the mood, Steve Baker recalls some of the classic Prelims: Stynes going over the mark in ’87, Fraser Brown’s tackle in ’99, Plugger’s after the siren gem in ’96 and the death of the ‘Kennett Curse’.