Number Five

Paul Spinks takes us back to 1985 where he watched a Geelong pre-season inter-club game in Anglesea. His South African friend Samantha didn’t know much about the game, but she couldn’t help but be impressed by a certain number 5.

Big Bells and Brass Balls: paddling out at Bells beach on a big day.

The feeling of a crisp autumn morning, hungover, excited and the majesty of a massive set at Bells; only a surfer understands this feeling. San Diego Catter writes a beautiful tribute to a classic surfing trip.

AFL Round 3 – Geelong v Carlton: The clash of Blue and Whites

Unknown to many, the ACCC kept a close eye on the outcome of Saturday night’s game at Etihad.

Thirty years of the real Ashes

The 30th annual Ashes Test match between the bushfire towns of Aireys Inlet and Macedon will be played this Sunday 17 February at the Anglesea cricket ground.

Rock2Ramp Ocean Swim, Anglesea

“What the hell am I doing here?” Colin Ritchie asks himself, swallowing another mouthful of water as his screaming lungs gasp for air. Welcome to the Rock2Ramp.