VAFA B Section – Round 1: Fitzroy v St Bedes

A reflective Phil Hill laments that not everyone has the good sense to schedule a wedding out of season. He is also concerned that Fitzroy faces a tough season in B Grade Ammos in 2016

VAFA: Fitzroy at Glenhuntley

Fitzroy fan Phill Hill is discontented. This B grade is our winter of discontent. Last year was a “glorious summer”.

VAFA – Fitzroy: I want another divorce!

I have said this before but I will say it again; a new season is like getting a new girl friend. I have already divorced Brisbane this season and it was with eager boyish enthusiasm that I travelled down Punt Road to Garry Smorgan Oval to watch the Roys take on AJAX in B Grade.

Local footy: A Black day in the Ammos

More Grand Final football stories were etched over the weekend as plenty will continue to develop over the coming weeks. A story just as big as any other is the dual premiership glory of the University Blacks in the Victorian Amateur Football League (VAFA).

Local footy: Off on the Rabbito Express

Mrs Derrinalphil and I decided to make the big trip and go out to the Rupertswood game. The “trouble and strife” asked “how do we get there?” Not by the “Rabbito Express” unfortunately. Up until the late fifties a steam train would leave Spencer Street station very early on a Sunday morning and travel up [Read more]

Uni reigns as Foz and Biz drill them home

BLACKS SEASON FLICKERS AS GUTTERS STAYS STRONG IN THE WET As I hunch over my antique desk, illuminated only by a flickering candle and the fading light of autumn through my velvet curtains, an intriguing contest is unfolding on the television behind me. In the brilliant West Australian sunshine, two teams with finals aspirations have [Read more]

Mitch and Scooter the toast of snappy Uni win

The tools were packed, the plans were in place and like US prospectors of the 19th century or semi-skilled Victorian tradies of the 21st century, the Blacks were headed west to seek their fortune. Whilst the prospect of catching the Bus of Destiny was a juicy one, your columnist prefers the rhythmic sounds of the [Read more]

Pirates keep plundering on

Amateurs: Round 5 It is all beginning to fall into place very nicely for Peninsula Old Boys. The Pirates, unbeaten through the first five rounds, are demonstrating a ruthless streak that was missing for much of last season. (Four of their victories have been by 75 points or greater). Instructively, it is not just down [Read more]

Mosquito fleet helps Bombers soar

The “refugee” from Jersey rang me up earlier in the week to see if I was free to go and see the Dons take on Brisbane. Not a lot was on for me, so the answer was a quick yes.  Now I don’t have a lot of love for the Emptyhead Stadium behind Spencer Street  [Read more]