Thinking Of You 2019

Once again inspired by Martin Flanagan, Matt Quartermaine entertained the Almanac Grand Final lunch crowd with this farewell to season 2019.

Australian Football – a spy reports

The Footy Almanac has been funnelled a top secret missive from the International Spy Service. Delete after reading!

Almanac Satire – Please explain: Desmond interviews an AFL Executive

David Wilson’s character, interviewer extraordinaire, Des Troyer is again joined by our anonymous up-and-coming AFL Executive to discuss equality and fairness in the AFL.

Almanac Satire – AFL announcement: Twilight Grand Final

Scene: A plush new room with plush new carpet and extremely clean windows, Perth. Media has buzzed all day with rumours of an impending AFL announcement that the 2018 Grand Final will be played at twilight. Unexpectedly, the League boss awkwardly comes face-to-face with a member of the public. An idle microphone overhears their conversation…

The Ashes – Third Test, Day 1: Black swans at the WACA

David Wilson imagines an interview with a consultant to Cricket Australia…

Almanac Satire – Desmond interviews the President

This week the President is in the hot seat. David Wilson’s transcript of long-time (fictional) sports interviewer Desmond Troyer’s conversation.