Reminder – Almanac Event: Lunch with Luke Ball on the 29th of May

Join Luke Ball for lunch on the 29th of May at the Royal Melbourne Hotel. Read on for details. RSVP essential.

Almanac Event – Friday May 1: A chat with David Fyfe and others. All welcome.

Come and join the fun on Friday May 1. Nat Fyfe’s father David, the original Peter from Peterborough and a few more will be there for a chat. Read on for more info.

Lunch: Sydney Almanac pub grub get-together this Sunday (all welcome)

Sydney Almanac lunch on Sunday.

AFL Grand Final: Lunch of champions

After some memorable Grand Final lunching, Yvette Wroby and friends settled down for a Grand Final full of energy and fight from the first bounce.

Crio’s Q: A nice meal with some friends

Cup Eve..time for another established Almanac tradition. The lunch.   I must admit to not being a big “liunch” attender. Either working or wary!   But lunches and sportsman’s nights tend to develop a notoriety that probably includes some recounts from our worldly readership.   Anyone game to break the “what happens at the function [Read more]

Hidden Treasures

  by Andrew Gigacz The term “hidden treasure” is oft misused by the marketing types. But in the case of Footy Almanac functions it’s an apt one. Sure, we Almanackers know all know about them but the wider community does not have a clue of the golden moments they miss every time the ‘Nackers meet [Read more]

27 May: Manangatang Lunch

A full day of football

Last Friday, I had a full day of football. It started at 12 noon (well actually, it was about an hour later when host and guest turned up). It was the monthly Footy Almanac luncheon at the Clyde Hotel in Carlton, and Ted Hopkins was the Guest of Honour. Many years ago I was an [Read more]

True Blue Bloods Shine

Many seemed preoccupied on Friday with a certain royal to-do over in old Blighty (not Malcolm), but those of a more discerning palate would have been privileged to watch a pair of true Blue bloods in action: firstly at the Clyde Hotel for the Footy Almanac lunch, where Ted Hopkins entertained and illuminated as guest [Read more]

2010 Almanac Grand Final Lunch

It’s not a drive to Melbourne without seeing a bit of roadkill on the way. And on this particular trip, just one day out from that One Day In September (ODIS), isn’t if fitting that Dad and I see a couple of dead magpies on the side of the roads? An omen perhaps? Of course, [Read more]

2009 Almanac Grand Final Lunch

The moment it was confirmed to me that the 2009 Footy Almanac pre-Grand Final lunch was a shemozzle was when I noticed the huge puddle beneath the seats of Andrew Mackie’s parents. Oh no, I groaned. Why couldn’t it be Peter Flynn or Chris Riordan in the wet spot? Or any of the Almanackers who’d [Read more]

They couldn’t get James Hird

Last week I stepped up to the podium at an Almanackers lunch to address the topic ‘Tony Wilson, A Life in Football’. At the age of 37 (Marianne Faithful’s ‘The Ballad of Lucy Jordan’ anyone?) I did wonder if I was too young for anything containing the words, ‘A Life’, but then pushed ahead regardless. [Read more]

Almanac Lunch- 30th July

Not many people realized that a meeting of some of the nations all round great minds took place, fittingly enough, at the All Nations Hotel in Richmond last Friday. It was lost in the fantastic whirlwind that is the Federal election. I must admit that I do marvel at the pace that these political Party [Read more]

LINK: Michael Gleeson’s Cakewalk

Those of us lucky enough to attend the last Almanac lunch at the All Nation’s Hotel were thoroughly entertained by Michael Gleeson and Shane Morwood’s recollections of the breaking of Colliwobbles in 1990. Cakewalk has now been published, and you can read an excerpt from it here: And please remember the next Almanac lunch [Read more]