Almanac Food: KD’s Kitchen – Favourite no-longer-available food item. Discuss.

In the latest instalment of KD’s Kitchen, Kevin Densley nominates a favourite food item that is no longer available – and invites Almanac readers to respond with their own.

Almanac Food: KD’s Kitchen – Worcestershire Sauce – My Favourite Condiment (What’s Yours?)

In this instalment of KD’s Kitchen, he extols the virtues of Worcestershire Sauce and invites Almanackers to respond with their own favourite condiment.

Foody Almanac : Are you a pie or pastie person?

Peter Baulderstone launches (lunches?) into the Foody Almanac with the origins of his love for pasties. Who would have thought that footy, childhood and sex would be at the root of our food fancies. Are you a pie or a pastie person?

Food: I love the emphasis on cuisine and footy in Melbourne life

By Daniel Jackson There are two things I love about Melbourne: its infatuation with sport and its passion for exceptional food. There is certainly an abundance of both in our great city, and I’m here to combine them by writing for some of football’s biggest critics about some of the finer features of Melbourne’s food [Read more]