Almanac Short Fiction: ‘Brian and His Mum’

Brian was more like a frill-necked lizard than your average teenager … he was also close to his Mum. Kevin Densley describes his short story, ‘Brian and His Mum’, as ‘a very fractured fable’.

Almanac Summer Solstice Fiction: When Little Yellow told Frankie of an Even Longer Day

Frankie the Fluff thought she knew that today was The Longest Day. Then she told her best friend, Little Yellow. [Some summer Almanac Fiction – Ed].

Almanac Fiction – Daz Cooper Chapter 6: Rivers of suggestion

Daz Cooper returns – and he’s in class. His story is changing direction.

Almanac Short Stories: The Coach

Some whimsy from Barry Mitchell. Oh to be a coach! We hasten to add, nothing in this piece relates to anything Barry actually witnessed in his 221-game VFL career.

Almanac Fiction: Thunderballers

Rob Bath has dusted off a short story that was already dated when first published in the 1980s, being set some 20 years earlier. Anybody remember the extreme sport known as Pigeon Toe?

Almanac Fiction – Daz Cooper Chapter 4: Cricket training, dreaming

It’s Chapter 4. Daz Cooper has a lot on his mind. There’s an Under 16 cricket semi final, a maths test, a party… so much noise.

Almanac Fiction – Daz Cooper Chapter 1: Summer dreams

A summer holiday story from David Wilson; of shifting youthful dreams, the beach, cricket… and her.