Almanac Life: There is a great joy in being useful

Peter Robertson explores the joy of being a useful person and making a difference to life.

Almanac (Fly) Fishing: ‘The Zone’ and other diversions

What a delightful Sunday afternoon meditation on ‘divertimento’ which may be a divertimento in itself. Some thoughts on fly fishing and the zone from Robbo. [Terrific – JTH]

Almanac Gaming: Go Pokémon Go!

Robbo celebrates Pokémon Go! with an analysis of “what this phenomenon is telling us.” Those involved with traditional sport and leisure activities need to watch and learn.

Heroes and Villains: Part 1 – PEDs

The first installment in a series, this article from Peter Robertson explores the conundrum surrounding the use and debate on the legalisation of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) in sport.

The SMD (Selfie of Mass Destruction)

Robbo with a thought-provoking and insightful piece on life and the roles of individual, collective and the individual within the collective. Within this, the selfie is “like nuclear power…”

Who/What is an Almanacker?

We’re on a mission to know more about Almanackers. Video, audio and words – send ’em through.


The Best of Van Halen has a quote on the liner notes: “what is understood need not be discussed”. I can’t remember the attribution, but it makes a certain amount of sense. In sport, there are a few things that are known. A week is a long time. The boys on the winning team really [Read more]