Almanac Teams: An African Australian AFL Team

Damian Balassone has been researching a team made up of African Australian footballers who have played at least one AFL game. It’s an exciting combination.

Almanac Travel: Perspective

Dips and Frances O’Donnell spent September in Africa which was spectacular and confronting. The experience forced him to consider the things that are important. One incident in particular had a huge impact.

A real flood report… oh, and a footy update.

Here’s a report from Up North where the flood is no big deal – it’s just part of life. There’s some big footy news as well. [Hope this strikes a chord Down South Mick – JTH]

General Footy Writing: The Footy Almanac is like the ravens that feed me in the desert

By Michael Viljoen Gadala, Cameroon When I came to work as a linguist in rural Cameroon in 2002, I knew the land was an Aussie Rules wilderness. Internet connections were feeble and fluky. The first Grand Final cassette sent to me was lost in the post. Occasionally I went weeks without hearing a result. My [Read more]