Almanac Satire – A modern statistician’s guide to Round 17

Overwhelmed by the modern game? Don’t be! Andrew Kelso holds all the answers (some of them are even correct) with this statistical guide to the latest round.

Home bias in AFL umpiring: the 10 year tables

Dave Warner of the suburbs has completed his opus: the last 10 years of AFL free kick counts examined and analysed. Do umpires always favour the home team? How do Victorian teams fare when playing at home against non-Victorian teams? Trends, biases… all is revealed.

The Statistical Premiership Window 2015: The Eagles to Deny Hawthorn A Three-Peat

Damien Little has done all the work, so that you don’t have to. Back by popular demand, here is DJ Litsa’s Statistical Premiership Window for 2015. Hawthorn fans might want to look away…

The (Renovated) Statistical Premiership Window

The time-honoured Damien Little Premiership Window. So, who wins the flag? This is quite remarkable.